Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fun racing and possible regatta

Jay's stock Victoria

The first of the Commodore's Sunday Series was held on Easter Sunday at Lake Riley in Cobbs Hill Park.

Beth, Jay, and I sailed and John Y. showed up briefly (more on that later).

We sailed Vics and Solings.

It was a beautiful sunny day and about 60 degrees.

The wind was strong with an occasional overpowering gust.

Some spectators asked good questions and one sailed my boat for a while.

We only finished three races but we got in lots of practice while one or the other of us was either adjusting or repairing our boats or talking to spectators.

It was lots of fun!


John Y. showed up with his brand new Chevy Volt.

He announced that he is going to host an AC regatta some unspecified weekend at Carey Lake in honor of Ray Davidson who died last year.

RAMYA would like to sponsor this race if John can get the planning end of it lined up – such as potential date and a list of volunteers (especially a race director, if John wants to race in the event). So those of you who are interested in helping John pull this off, please contact him. If he gets enough help to do this the club will act as sponsor.

I just searched the web to find out who Ray was. He was a very early member of AMYA ( #5) and belonged to the Metro Marine Modelers of Toronto.

Whoops … looks like that club has stolen John's thunder!

I found a NOR for an annual regatta starting this year that honors Ray Davidson – International One Meter regatta series.

Oh well, I guess there can't be too many memorials for Ray.

Oh, and by the way, John Yost has decided that he will run for RC Laser fleet captain, after all.

Walt Bankes